Namibian Exploration

At the time of the Merger the only exploration assets held by Bondi will be ten tenement applications covering approximately 8,000 square kilometres in the Grootfontein and Hereroland districts of central western Namibia, approximately 200km north-west of the capital Windhoek. There are two main project areas; Otjinene and Otavi. These areas comprise flat to gently undulating savannah with good access via graded roads and tracks around the townships of Otijinene and Grootfontein.

The Otjinene and Otavi project areas are target areas for concealed sediment hosted, Zambian Copper Belt Style, copper deposits and breccia hosted lead-zinc-silver deposits. Target types comprise the large sediment hosted, stratiform copper deposits of the Zambian copper belt (e.g. Fungurume deposi; in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)) or breccia hosted Cu-Pb-Zn-Ag deposits of the Kipushi style (e.g. Kipushi deposit in the DRC).

The Otjinene and Otavi projects are located at the southwestern portion of a large rift zone, termed the Pan-African Belt, which extends through north eastern Namibia, northern Botswana into Zambia, Zimbabwe and the DRC. A series of Proterozoic extensional basins developed along the rift zone and host both the well known Zambian Copper Belt and lesser developed Kalahari Copper Belt in which the project is located. The Proterozoic rocks in the project areas are covered by recent Kalahari sands. Magnetic data indicates that the cover is relatively shallow in the project area and this is supported by the presence of outcrop and subcrop to the west, north and northeast of the project areas. Jurassic aged Karoo basalt also occurs under the Kalahari Sands in the region but the magnetic data shows that it is absent in the project areas.


Otavi project area on grey scale magnetics


Otjinene project on grey scale magnetics


Once the tenements are granted, drill targets will be defined through wide spaced, low detection multi-element soil geochemistry and airborne electromagnetic surveys to define the sulphides associated with copper-silver mineralisation and also the pyritic black shale which is part of the host sequence.